Friday, May 6, 2016

Motherly Advice...Being Prepared...the 48 hour rule...

 Prepared: get ready, make preparations, arrange things, make provision, get everything set, take the necessary steps, do the necessary, lay the groundwork, do the spadework, gear oneself up, gird up one's loins, fit oneself out, kit oneself out, rig oneself out, provide, arm oneself,
face up to.

Informal-'psych oneself up'

"If you want peace, prepare for war."
Well, here it's not 'war' exactly, but it can certainly be 'chaos' without being prepared!
I'm a great believer in a similar idea...
 'If you want an organised life, prepare for the times when it's chaotic'.
It's a great ethos.
After many years of lurching from day to day and wondering why I never felt on top of things or why I was always making a mercy dash to the supermarket, or stationery supply store, for a forgotten ingredient or school item, I finally realised that the remedy was to be prepared.
Annabel at The Bluebirds are Nesting and Patsy at A Working Pantry both talk about preparedness in terms of stockpiling and planning for emergencies and illness.
I'm referring today, to just the simple sort of preparing that means looking ahead 48 hours. Lets call it The 48 Hour Rule. It means looking two days ahead and ensuring that everything you need for today, tomorrow and the next day is well in hand. From clean and ironed uniforms, school clothing or work outfits, to assignments that need completing, to supplies that need purchasing, and gifts that need to be bought or all helps. If today and tomorrow are organised, and the tasks you perform now are for two days hence, you have so much more breathing space. You also have a peaceful mind and heart, knowing that tasks are being completed in a timely fashion and that whatever life throws at you, you are ready. And let's face it, life loves to throw us a curve ball every now and again, just to keep us on our toes.
Honestly, most difficulties can be averted or avoided entirely, simply by using my simple 48 Hour Rule. I'm not talking about natural disasters or the like. Just simple planning around family needs by looking at the schedule, and arranging meals, shopping, and other essential tasks accordingly.
This week, I've been busy 'preparing' costumes for my daughters school dance troupe. I love doing this and I love the financial savings it allows for all families involved, but it does take my attention away from my usual routine. This sort of preparing is longer term and is actually months in the making. But still, looking ahead, factoring in distractions and hiccups, saves time, energy and money.

So I've been using my 48 hour rule a great deal lately, and it really does help.

This week alone, it's meant I could prepare tonights meal yesterday...the pasta bolognaise bake pictured at the top of my post will provide us with a dinner and a lunch. I also baked on the weekend, defrosting and serving little heart shaped cakes for school lunch for my daughter, and dessert for the family.

 Using the 48 hour rule, meant that my husband could visit the florist yesterday and buy my favourite red Colombian roses. I can guarantee if he'd left that till tomorrow, a special event day here, he would have been disappointed! 

It meant that he was rewarded with a bunch of carnations, being sold inexpensively as a bonus with purchase.

It also meant that I was able to whip up some of my French Inspired pillow cases for my Mother in Law, saving an expensive trip to the shops for a gift.

The 48 Hour Rule means that the majority of the time, I can rise to meet a crisis with the confidence of knowing that my own family will not be affected.

At least my family are fed, dressed in clean clothing, and I have tomorrows lunch and dinner well in hand. 

My 48 hour rule never fails to bring peace to our chaos and for that, I am grateful :)



  1. Sage advice, as always, Mimi. Keeping up with the calendar, maintaining a pantry, and having a few "emergency" meals in the freezer can do wonders for saving one's sanity when "life" happens. Have a lovely weekend and a very Happy Mother's Day!
    Blessings, Leigh

  2. Mimi, The 48 hour rule is such good wisdom! I've been living the 48 hour rule for a long time without realizing it as I'm constantly looking forward to the next couple of days to see what needs taking care of. Thank you for putting a name to what I've been doing all along! Great post!

  3. I really love this Mimi. I love anyway to get ahead as sometimes thing ago wrong or there is sickness in the house or whatever. And then its ok we have food and meals and washing already done! Its a sanity and money saver.
    I would love to see everyone far enough ahead that a glitch doesn't send them into a crisis. Last minute shopping, gifts, meals etc are all really stressful and who need that?
    I hope you have a good weekend Mimi! xxx

  4. I am totally going to adopt this Mimi! I enjoy life so much more when I'm organised and lately I haven't really been on top of things as I would like to be. That feeling of constantly rushing makes me genuinely miserable. And hopefully it will help me get a few of the bigger jobs on my list done, because I will know that the smaller ones are taken care of. I can feel a few lists coming on lol.

  5. Oh my, your 48 hour rule got my heart racing. This is just the advice I need to supply a little needed motivation. Great idea, thanks.


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