Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Very Special DIY Gifts...Jasmine and Neroli Youth Oil...

My facial oil, or as I like to call it, 'Youth Oil',  is seriously one of the most gorgeous things I've ever used on my skin.

I resorted to concocting this recipe because I was jaded by the effects of the expensive creams and serums I'd been using. I still love my Thalgo and Dragons Blood, but this is a lovely alternative, and very natural, when my skin flares up in protest as it does from time to time.
It probably cost me $100 for the initial ingredients, but that will make me two years worth of luxurious facial oil....or some for me and some for friends and family. Because any time anyone gets close to me when I've used this, they can't help but inhale and say 'You smell heavenly! Where do I get some of that!'
The consistency of this is not oily as such, it's more fluid and silky. It spreads like a dream, massages in swiftly and leaves your skin soft and scented like a warm Spring evening.
If you're going to make this one, please make sure you buy real essential oils, not fragrance oils.
Store this in a little plastic kitchen container (those little cube shaped ones are ideal), in a cool dark place, and decant into your pretty bottle with an eye dropper for easy use. I use about 1/2 a teaspoon or one eye dropper worth, per application. I use it all over my face, including under the eye, on my neck and my chest and décolletage.
My skin looks fresh and plump and I smell lovely, and so will you!
Into your small sealable kitchen container or bottle, combine:
Four tablespoons each of two cosmetic grade oils... I like Macadamia best, paired with Almond or Apricot Oil
10 drops Vitamin E Oil (available at Pharmacies)
10 drops Neroli Essential Oil
4 drops Jasmine Absolute
Decant, using an eye dropper, into a smaller bottle, for daily use if you wish. I keep mine in a little bottle with a glass stopper. It looks just as luxurious as any packaged cosmetic I've owned.
I like to use this in the morning after cleansing or washing with home made goats milk soap, allowing the oil to be absorbed for five minutes before applying 100% pure Aloe Vera Gel as a makeup primer.
Allow the Aloe Vera Gel to dry completely before applying mineral makeup powder or foundations.
Use evenings too, after cleansing or washing with goats milk soap, as a gorgeous night time treat for your skin.
This is also absolutely lush as an oil cleanser if you don't have access to goats milk soap. Simply remove a lightly massaged application of oil with a muslin facecloth, and followup with another lighter application, massaging gently in an upward motion whilst the skin is still warm.

My daughter can't resist snuggling up to me when I've applied this as the scent is so warm and enveloping. That's not a bad thing with a teen! The Musician Husband is a fan too :)

Try it. You'll like it.

And it makes the most exquisite gift.

If you don't like oils on your face, then you could do worse than just use this as a luxurious, long lasting scent. Just double the amount of Neroli and Jasmine.

Either way, it's a winner. I promise.
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  1. Your bottle is beautiful. The youth oil sound great. I must try it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous bottle and the oil sounds wonderful! I'm one who could not use it on her face. At my age you wouldn't think that I would still get pimples, but I do. I have both oily hair and skin. I can't add anything like that or I will break out. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. I bet that smells amazing! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Thursday Favorite Things blog hop.


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