Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We can all be someone's Miracle.....

"Women work a great many miracles".
Louisa May Alcott
"Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby, some have entertained angels unawares".
Hebrews 13:2
I love these two quotes.
How many miracles do we all work in a day? How many angels do we entertain unawares?
From balancing a tiny budget, and sometimes feeding our families on a wing and a prayer, to nursing those we love when ill, to passing on skills to our children to sustain them in adult life, to counselling those around us when things go wrong, to being the hub of the family wheel for information and support.
Then of course there's the lesser 'miracles' of meeting a million little deadlines from getting children to school on time with homework, hats and lunchboxes intact, to meeting with bank managers, maintaining our careers, driving children to appointments and lessons of all kinds, to improving our minds, and keeping our hearts and hands busy and happy.
We grow food, even if like me, it's really only herbs. And in saying 'only herbs' I immediately chastise myself, for herbs add so much to our mealtimes. The going out to the garden to clip them and inhaling their freshness as they're cut. The chopping or tearing into smaller pieces to add to a home cooked meal. The aroma as they mingle with the hot steaming food, and the incomparable flavour when the food is transferred blissfully from plate to tongue. That surely is too, a miracle. How can a tiny insignificant plant, add so much to our human enjoyment of a simple meal?
And of course, what is it about women, that even when we are ill ourselves, we still put our loved ones first. How many times do we rise from our own sick beds, to tend to the needs of those we love. be they children, beloved pets, husbands, siblings or ailing parents? I know I've done it more times than I can imagine.
And then of course, there are those who do not have the gentle and loving hand of a Mother or even a female mentor in their lives. Some never have. Can you imagine that? Who guides these young people...yes young men too. Who is the soft and kind influence in their lives? What opportunities to we have to 'entertain angels unawares'?
I went searching for an opportunity to mentor a young person who may not have the gentle presence of a mother figure in their lives.
Volunteering Queensland was the first place I looked.
Well, I was astounded. There are literally thousands of volunteer roles on their website and many of them noted 'urgent'. There are Breakfast Clubs where you are involved in cooking and serving food to students in schools who may not otherwise eat breakfast for a variety of reasons. There are calls for editors of special interest magazines for the disabled, bus drivers, companions, conservation team members, baristas, receptionist for a Christian radio station, gardeners, cooks, even co-ordinators and cooks to help with classes for Jamies Ministry of Food (yes, of Jamie Oliver fame).
There were also many calls for Palliative Care support which is particularly poignant for us at this time as we sit bedside with a much loved terminally ill Uncle. There are two men in his ward who have no-one to visit them. No-one to hold their hand and tell them they've lived their life well. It's heartbreaking.
What miracles could the women who live in my area work, by giving just a few hours a month to one of the many organisations seeking support? What miracles could you work by seeking an opportunity to volunteer in your town?
Today, I'm writing three letters to three women I know, who go largely unacknowledged for their kindnesses to others. I want them to know that they are miracle workers in their own small way.
I've also chosen my volunteering role, and I'll be putting that in place for when we return from our trip next month. That will be something to look forward to.
What will your miracle be today?


  1. Mimi, when I retired the intention was to find a place to do volunteer work but I got so busy with taking family members to doctors' appointments that it was put on the back burner until life became more routine. This year it is my husband's turn for visits to the doc and hospital. I want to volunteer in the 'right' place as I don't want to start somewhere and then say I don't want to work there again as I know there are so many organisations crying out for volunteers. So the quest continues....

    1. Hi Nanna Chel. Yes life gets in the way of good deeds sometimes, that's for sure. I agree that putting your hand up to help and then not showing, is worse than not having put your hand up at all, so it's certainly best to volunteer at the right moment in

  2. Over the years I have volunteered in quite a few places schools, not as a parent, children's ward of a hospital as a play leader and of course the longest one lasted 20 years which I have had to walk away from.

    I need to be selfish for a while and look after myself and my home for a bit but I know that I will no doubt be looking for something to do at some stage. I know that there are a lot of places that need volunteers for lots and lots of different things.

    Volunteers are thin on the ground these days and there are plenty of options to suit what you enjoy doing.


    1. Lynette, I know how very hard you've worked in your volunteering role, so you'll get no argument from me on that one! I agree that selfishness for self preservation is a good thing at certain times. You deserve it. xxx

  3. I love that verse and have wondered a few times if indeed this person might be an angel. And we can be someone's miracle and probably already have been at times and not realised it. It's amazing in an any that we have the kind of power to change a life or many lives.... makes our time take on a whole new meaning as we all have 24 hours in a day and we have to allocate them. Lovely post Mimi. xxx

    1. Annabel. What a lovely thought. 24 hours in every single day to find a way to change another human beings life. What a huge thought to digest, and live by. Mimi xxx

  4. Hi Mimi,
    What a great post, and I so agree we have the ability to touch the lives of many. My
    mini miracle today was talking with a young mother and new believer who is a precious
    girl but has no real supportive family members and her husband has been away in the military for months and altho I was sneezing, coughing, hoarse and headachy and feeling bad I really felt she needed someone to care about her and to talk glad I was able to spend that time with her. I was gonna feel bad anyway, so might
    as well make the best of it right??? lol

    Hope you are doing well, and thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet
    comments as always. Going to rest

    Blessings, Nellie

    1. Nellie, why is it that I have not trouble imagining you doing this? I think you are one of the angels that we have entertained unawares. xxx

  5. Mimi we have a lot of volunteer assistance where I work. Some of our volunteers assist with personal care of people, and some help out in the kitchen. We have one volunteer who comes a couple of days a week and bakes all the morning teas. She is one in a million, and she is also teaching her neighbour's daughter how to cook. With all the things we see on the news at night it is good to remember there are so many good and generous people in the world.

    1. Sherrie, now that lady who bakes...she is without doubt an Angel in human form. I no longer watch the news. Yes, occasionally it means I miss something important, but there's always someone to let me know. I would rather entertain

  6. This was very inspiring Mimi! I just saw a movie on Florence Nightingale and think of the many miracles that woman brought to the suffering. We have many ways to do this ourselves! Thank you for sharing this! :)

  7. Thankyou JES. Yes Florence Nightingale was an angel in disguise too, of that I am certain. I've met many people in the medical profession or the allied industries, that I swear wear wings under their uniforms. Thankyou for visiting. Mimi xxx

  8. Good morning! ... On another note, we are hosting a MAKE YOUR OWN SEASONING AND SPICE MIX link up. You had mentioned a Moroccan Seasoning Mix.... Would love to have you share your recipe if you have time :)

    Have a lovely week!


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