Monday, February 23, 2015

This weeks Insourcing #3....

Insourcing is becoming something of an obsession here.
With our trip looming ever closer, (London, Venice, et I come), I'm finding parting with any dollar that could go towards an interesting 'something' abroad, pretty hard to part with.
So here's my list for the week....
Mended...yes mended...The Divas dance pants. Dang that child. How does one get a hole in lycra???
Baked brownies, cupcakes and Queen of Puddings.
Had breakfast for dinner (eggs, leg ham, hash browns, oven dried tomatoes) and dinner for lunch (leftover risotto...very nice too).
Put my hand up to make costumes for the school musical (God help me....there's over 300 costumes for 170 students...I'm glad there's more than me helping!).
Painted a previously painted pair of ballet shoes ballet pink. They had to be that ugly camel colour for concert last October. Now they're pink again, and I've saved buying a new pair for The Divas classes.
Haggled with the optometrist over the price of my new lenses for my cleverly sourced optical frames from last week. Saved a packet.
Cooked dinner every night even when I was so tired that even McD's was looking good. Mucho savings here as I keep saying.
Made Bento Box dinners or as we call them 'Lacquerware Leftovers' out of odds and ends. Always a great strategy and looks so impressive in framed by red and black and eaten with gold embellished chopsticks.
Estimated savings....hmmm....$500?
So not the most brilliant week, but certainly nice savings towards some Venetian Glass or some other special thing for me.
I'm happy :)
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  1. Good savings Mimi! I love looking at alternatives like with the glasses. Some amazingly huge savings possible with glasses I have discovered! I love big one off savings that are instantly amazing and I love working out how small ones add up over a year. Last year I listed the main savings and calculated them as yearly numbers which was an educational exercise! It is a shock sometimes how lots of seemingly small amounts add up to something ridiculous! Takeaway food is like this, it sounds cheap until you times it by the people you are feeding (but I know you are on to this!)
    Truly if we keep track its so motivating and amazing what we can achieve! Many of my regular savings are ones you have helped me with.xx

    1. Yes I saved nearly $500 combined on my prescription lenses and my frames, just by shopping around, checking online, and knowing my prices. That's a big saving! I love what you do with creating gifts and gorgeous cards and I know you posted on this recently. I looked at a lovely card for my daughter-in-law this week and it was $10. For a card that will end up in the bin! No thanks. I'm big on creative gift wrapping and making the gift look as good as what's inside, but that does NOT include $10 cards. I have to say that likewise, you have helped me achieve many

  2. Oh my! That's a lot of costumes, I hope lots of hands are helping.

    I am a homebody and don't really like to travel, but if I was to take a big trip, England is where I would go. I am looking forward to hearing about your trip.

    1. I know Rhonda...I'm a bit overwhelmed by the costume task actually. Fortunately it's a team of ladies, and there's about 6 of us. Still, that's an awful lot of costumes to generate in six weeks! Wish me luck! I love to travel, but there's not place like home :)

  3. Mimi, I need to go and cook for half a day to save all the vegies and chicken carcasses in the fridge. Glad I came here for some motivation:)

  4. Hi Mimi; I am so impressed with you! How true, its the little things that add up. My "thing" is going out to lunch with friends. It was $5.00 here, $10.00 there and sometimes more! I really cut down on lunches out and am amazed at how much I save. Now I go about 2x a month, I really notice the difference. Love, Doreen


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