Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mimi's Savings Secrets....keepsake jewellery...

Does anyone but me have a jewellery fetish?

I love my jewellery. Real and costume. I wear it all. Not all at once, but I wear different things every day, and love them equally. I have inherited pieces, gifted pieces, things I bought myself when I was younger. My affection for different pieces never wanes, and I always wear at least two including my wedding rings (although I have different versions of those too!), but never more than four.

Today I am wearing an antique French Georgian pendant that my husband gifted me. It is jet and seed pearls set in gold, and has a matching pinky ring.

Yesterday, I wore a pear shaped crystal pendant set in gold, also a gift, with tiny gold stud earrings. So I don't mind a bit of fake bling when the mood takes me either!

We were taught from an early age to appreciate beautiful things. My first real jewellery, like many girls of my era, was a gold ID bracelet with a bluebird of happiness on it. A matching pendant was added later, and a signet ring in my teens. These were expensive even back then, and goodness knows how Mum, with seven children, could afford it. But perhaps it was because we didn't have the discount costume jewellers and so on, and we only wore those genuine pieces, not the showy stuff. She possibly layby-ed them with the same family jeweller at which we shopped for many years, and which sadly, no longer exists. Knowing Mum, she paid them off gradually over many months.

My daughter, now 15 has a couple of genuine pieces. A tiny gold cross on a very delicate chain (also from my Mum who was still alive then....a christening gift), a tiny pair of rose gold huggie earrings which she wears daily, and an opal ring that we gave her for her birthday this year. This was purchased as a memento of her Poppy who used to mine opals in his younger days, and who would have left her one in his will, had he not been burgled shortly before he passed away.

The point is, that 'good' jewellery for me, is all tied up in memories. I'd like it to be the same for my daughter and grandaughters. I'm gifting my daughter a piece that was Mums for Valentines Day. It's a tiny pearl pendant set in gold. She can re-use the chain that's currently on her cross to wear it. Mum would love that.

It's my older granddaughters third birthday on Sunday. She's getting a bluebird bracelet, just like the one I had at her age. I hope she'll treasure it for many years.

So I guess my question is, do you value these more expensive items too? They're all important to me, not for their financial value, but for their sentimental value. I love antique jewellery for the same reason and it's a cost effective alternative to the shiny stuff in the shopping malls. I love that someone else has worn and loved that piece as much as I do.

This Valentines Day, think about gifting something special, something that has memories attached to it, and that has the potential to hold your own memories for you to pass on to precious ones in your own family. Check out antique dealers, pawnbrokers, and private sellers on eBay or Etsy. Even better, ask within your own family whether there may be a special much loved piece that is worthy of being passed down. You might be thrilled at what you can find, that's pre-owned and pre-loved.

After all, what price can you put on 'sentiment'?
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  1. Loving gifting the Diva on Valentine's Day. I think it is salient to shift the focus of the crazy nonsense it can become. My heart sank when I read Pop was burgled. :( awful. Diva is lucky to have an opal. The opal really is such an exceptional piece of nature. Your jewell collections would be all gorgeous. I lost just about everything I owned when I was in my late twenties in a share-house break-in. No insurance. All the small bits and pieces from my teens and twenties gone. Now I have nothing but my most treasured piece: my Cartier wedding and engagement ring and that is how it will remain. I am kind of glad I have no interest in jewellery (now, that's a saving!!!). Xx

  2. Hi Mimi;
    You always have such lovely posts! I especially loved this post, I use to sell good costume jewelry a few years ago and have more necklaces than I know what to do with. My daughter and granddaughter took what they wanted, but I am still left with a lot. I think I may contact my hostesses and have a small get together and let them pick what they want as a token of my appreciation for having a party! I wish I could have the real stuff, but maybe in a few years. I would love to see your collection sometime! Looking forward to another post soon. Hugs,

  3. Hi Mimi,
    Just wanted to say thanks for coming by and for your encouraging comments about my
    blog, it really touched my heart. That is so neat that you met John Paul Young, and that is such a neat song, I have always liked it from the very first time I heard it.

    Like this post about your sentimentality about your jewelry, and I don't care if it is
    expensive or costume.... I feel the same way about mine, and also things in my house. I remember who gave me what and typically also
    buy some small something for the house when we go away on vacation or a trip, that
    reminds me of it. I sometimes tend to get stuck in a rut tho of wearing the same jewelry all the time, until I get a new piece and then I start wearing that daily. lol

    You have a wonderful Valentines day.
    Blessings Galore, Nellie


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