Friday, October 17, 2014

Belly Bands....pretty gift wrap idea....

I was marbling/dip dyeing some paper the other day. No fuss for me. No turps or shaving cream.
I just tipped a glass of water into a cookie tray, blobbed some acrylic paint in, swirled it with a chopstick, and dropped a sheet of blue paper in, face down.
I then flipped the paper over, rested it on a clean teatowel, and allowed it to dry. I think it's pretty. All sort of soft and reminiscent of a Monet painting.
Once dry, I cut it in half, stuck it together with tape to form a long 'band', and wrapped it round the so called Belly of my gift.
A sliver of toning ribbon, adds a little flourish.
I love the idea of Belly Bands. They just add a little extra anticipation to the unwrapping and unveiling.
So, do you Belly Band? Or is it all too much bother?


  1. Mimi, that is gorgeous. I have told you this before you are my sister's lost TWIN!!! Her gift-wrapping is amazing (like yours) I am a shocker, I have to confess. Nice gift, but horrible presentation...I always run out of oomph. :D xx
    We have to meet this coming week...

    1. Thankyou Flora. I used to be the Mum up till 2am on Christmas morning, embellishing gifts with jingle bells, gingerbread tags and sprigs of holly. And that was for BOYS....hahaha! I love it when a gift is so pretty you just can't wait to see what's inside. Yes lets catch up this week :)

  2. Mimi I am a sucker for gorgeous gift wrap. I had some last year that was french script on vellum. Incredible and art worth! This band idea, it has just occurred to me, is a brilliant way to use stunning wrap but economically and effectively. A way of really stretching the exquisite stuff. Its a ta dah moment for me! xxx

    1. Annabel, I think I came in to possession of some of that via a package from you. It IS gorgeous and art worthy! And yes this idea is a way to use the really gorgeous wrap economically, without looking like a cheapskate. I'm glad to have given you, of all people, a ta-dah moment. You can even layer it with toning wraps (this looks gorgeous with Japanese paper in different prints but toning colours) or with a plain layer, then a patterned layer slightly smaller. You're only limited by your imagination :)


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