Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wheelie Good Holidays....

So, you know, there's more to me than Boho Bedrooms, French Feasting and Clever Crafting.
As you see by my headings above, matters concerning Cerebral Palsy steal me away from time to time. That's all due to one rather handsome bloke, pictured above. Let's call him Elbow...because that's what we call him....don't ask why.
Elbow lives an enviable life for a bloke with CP. He has his own dwelling, a team of support staff to assist him in living independently, and a greyhound to lay at his feet, nay, lick his feet...which she does with happy abandon.
Elbow has his own car, fruit trees in his yard, mates, and has just returned from a wheely good holiday. His first holiday without parents or little sisters to bug him.
He went on a cruise, good people...something I've yet to do in my life.
He, his wheelchair, and three support staff sailed to Sydney, enjoying the sights of the Opera House and The Harbour Bridge amongst other frivolity.
They sang karaoke (Don't Worry, Be Happy), ate themselves into a stupor, drank Pina Coladas (Elbow wondered at a drink called Peanut Coladas that didn't taste a bit like peanuts....lol!), laughed hysterically at the X-rated activities of the couple in the cabin next door, who clearly did not realise they had an audience, and on the last night, boogied (does anyone say 'boogied' any more?No? Well, I just did...) till the wee hours.
Elbow even came home with a girls phone number. He's very proud.
So are we.
A cruise ended up being the best possible holiday for a guy like him. Lots of friendly faces, no hassle transport, great food, fun times. He's off to Osaka next. By ship. Who knew?
None of this happened overnight. I've told the story several times. It took a few words in the shell pink ears of several politicians to make it happen. Actually it was a lot of words over a very long period of time...some of them very naughty words. But lets just say that leaders on both sides of politics eventually 'saw the light'.
And here we are. Elbow living like every other 23 year old bloke. Except for that girls phone number, which he yet has to work up the courage to call.
It'll happen.



  1. Elbow has movie star looks! Good for everyone getting out and about on the cruise. I bet you've been on a journey, all right. You are one wonderful mother (mamma) dear Mimi. Xx

  2. what a gorgeous young man he is ...keep us posted on his first date ..how exciting for him...<3 <3 <3

  3. He is pretty fab, isn't he :)
    I'm not sure that one phone number means automatic date, but we'll see...hahaha!

  4. Mimi here is a wonderful song by another 'Elbow' for your Elbow.

  5. Thankyou so much Curly Club. That is truly beautiful and I'll be sure to let Elbow know that he's not the only 'Elbow' out there!


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