Monday, June 3, 2013

10 ways to support the Arts on a Budget...

I've always been a willing attendee of anything to do with the Arts.
Art exhibits, art galleries, the Ballet, Musicals, local theatre, local dance school productions. You name it, I've been there.
Art as a form of entertainment can be traced back to earliest Human history. Surely the cave dwellers were painting on their walls with ochre, not only to pass the time, but to record events and tell a story.
Most Art seeks to tell a story, whether through paint, film, music or re-enactment.

We adore reliving the stories of other lives through all these mediums, but how to do that when money is tight?
We are masters of supporting the Arts on a budget.

For example, last weekend was spent at a local University campus, admiring an exhibition of student works. This was as enjoyable as a trip to the more notable gallery in our City Centre, and a lot easier on the hip pocket, I can tell you. The works were just as interesting and unique, each telling it's own tale, and perhaps all the more relished for having been created by locals.
We finished our visit, after first speculating on who would have the patience to disassemble an entire house or aircraft, only to reassemble it in a new way to make a statement, with a piping hot coffee in the University coffee shop. We lingered, admiring the towering sandstone faces of the imposing buildings and wondered if the buildings themselves were one of the reasons that students of this particular institution of further education, feel so very important.
We regularly attend Independent AmDram (Amateur Drama..also called Community Theatre and Independent Theatre and Indie Theatre) productions, and often find them of a standard very close to the comparable professional productions for a fifth of the price.
Here are some other strategies...

1. Visit your local Art and Design College on their Open Day
2. Visit street artists and make a small contribution to their talents
3. Support small local Art Galleries by visiting and spreading the word
4. Take an Art course and get to know other emerging artists
5. Volunteer at your local Indie theatre
6. Frequent the cafes and restaurants in the Arty section of your city
7. Support your local schools and Dance schools when they stage their Annual might be surprised at the talent lurking therein
8. Go to the alternative cinemas...the ones that show movies with'll see some real gems!
9. Attend your local Amateur Drama Society productions. You might be pleasantly surprised!
10. Visit the College campuses when they have their Open Day. They always display their students work.

Do you support the Arts where you live? And how do you do it?

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  1. Yes! We particularly love live music- but love our art gallery too.


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