Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunny Queensland....and why we're the epitome of the Green and Gold...

Yes, it's cyclone season here in Sunny Queensland.
For some that means flooding, the heartache of lost possessions and muddy cleanups.
The floods of 2010 are fresh in our memories, but it's important to note that not all cyclones are the same. And not all of us are affected to the same degree.
The mini tornadoes that swept through a beachside resort five hours North of where I live, do not affect us.
We are fortunate to live on top of a hill, so likewise, flooding is not a concern for us, althugh we have friends in low lying areas who are keeping a watchful and careful eye on nearby waterways.
For us, it means bucketloads of rain, fierce winds and a self imposed homestay.
We're forced to find other ways to find the 'sunny' in Sunny Queensland.
But it's not hard.
There's our home grown sugar bananas, begging to be made in to banana muffins for the start of the school year on Tuesday....
....home grown Bowen mangoes gifted to me by a friend...
...being simmered down to mouthwatering Hot Mango chutney, literally as I write...
.....and the final of the Australian Open to enjoy tonight.
And you wondered why our sports colours are green and gold.
What's on your Tray of Bliss today?


  1. Your mango chutney looks/sounds divine! Swing a jar my way pls ? :P Ankle deep flooded downstairs and keeping a very close eye on swollen creek behind us. Backyard is flooded and front yard is like a wading pool. All work cancelled for Heartpoet this long weekend (insert cursing). Life is GREAT in The Sunshine State :/

    Soggy Kimmie

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