Thursday, August 25, 2011

All Things Homespum...Bohemian Chic Style...

On my Tray of Bliss today is a plan to renovate my daughters bedroom.

Well, truthfully, it's her brothers' old room, and she's about to inherit it.

We've talked a lot about the style she'd like, and we've tossed around Shabby Chic, American Country, and French Provincial. None of them were 'quite' what she was after.

Then we accidentally stumbled upon Bohemian Chic.


More colourful than Shabby Chic, more relaxed than any of the other styles. Formerly called Eclectic or Gypsy, this style allows a freedom of colour and the choice to combine old and new pieces into a pretty, fantasy design.

Now, her room will not be wallpapered like the one heading this post...husband dear would have a coronary!

Possibly more like this pretty one.

We already have much of the furniture and accessories for just this very look....all scooped up at the thrift shop or on eBay.

Wrought iron bedhead   $20

Patchwork quilts x 4 purchased as vintage quilts on eBay...$50  Note: These are listed as 'topper' or 'cutter' quilts, and are wonderfully worn and soft and have a true vintage bohemian feel. They are also a glorious bargain and a secret that should be shared!

Chandelier wall lights   $10

Hoop and net for over the bed $25

Glass and brass gooseneck lamp with beaded fringe forming black and pink roses  $35

Faded Vintage Ballet Print..large  $20

Vintage satin peach coloured quilted bed jacket to hang on the wall  $15

Lots of other knick knacks that she has collected from travelling and thrift shopping will be on display and we'll add to the theme as we go along.

Now that we've clarified our thinking, I see that this was 'her' all along. And the fabulous thing is that this is a wonderfully frugal style to emulate. No big budget required!

A very special girly room for my theatrical, funny, earthy, loving little Diva.

Can't wait to get started. Stay tuned. Photos to follow in the next few weeks!

We're both soooo excited!

What's on your Tray of Bliss today?


  1. How wonderful! I'm looking forward to seeing the Diva's room. Thank you for sharing :)


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