Thursday, February 10, 2022

2022...A foot in two worlds...

Life is funny.

Have I told you I've been doing some modelling? That's the fashion kind, not the clay kind. 

It came about randomly, as so many things have in my life. I wasn't specifically seeking it, but an opportunity arose, I said yes, and here we are. Who'd have thought a short 62 year old, size 16 (about a 12-14 to some of you), with silver hair, could do such a thing? But there it is. They pay me and everything. Go figure. I'm still scratching my head.....

So here I am some days...dolled up to the nines as we used to say, talking up a storm and wearing pretty things, and the know...home and hearth and all that.

Decluttering continues....

My pantry, like my wardrobe, is now a thing of beauty.

Asking Hubster to make the 'shelves' in our new pantry in to 'drawers'? Smartest thing I ever did. 

And how much do I love using the Bon Maman jam jars as much cuter than the Moccona ones.

So satisfying to re-line the drawers with that non-slip matting. Almost as therapeutic as vacuuming plush pile carpet...I think you know what I mean.

Neat rows are so soothing.

And you can't go past those Lazy Susan things for ease of use. I have them everywhere. I got mine at KMart here in Australia.

You won't find these sunshine yellow eartherware bowls anywhere though. When The Diva worked part time at L'Occitane, they had a store refurbishment. The bowls were part of the old store decor and the staff were told to help themselves. Nice, right? And perfect for my earthy veg.

Speaking of earthy veg, I'm trying hard to convert Hubster to a mostly Vegetarian diet following his Cardiac episode last year. This was a winner. Sort of a cross between Pea soup and Dhal and curry. Served with home made Coconut Yoghurt. Absolutely Delish.

These Texas sized vege muffins were another win. Basic muffin batter, add grated or chopped veg, lots of fresh herbs, bake. Serve with chutney. Hubster even agreed to eat this as a MEAL.

In other kitchen news, I bought some of those wee chicken mignon things, you know, a breast sliver wrapped in a strip of bacon. I baked 'em, chilled 'em, and sliced them crosswise. Two little things yielded all this 'deli meat' for sandwiches, toasties, pizzas, and salads.

Barb asked me to update my style journey.

New specs, $2 thrifted necklace (the thrift store ladies hated it...I LOVE it), Mums vintage ring with interchangeable stone and side inserts. Red lipstick. That's about outfit du jour here.

Boho figures more largely now that corporate life is truly behind me.

I'm told that the dress below sold out when I modelled it for a recent presentation. Wowsers. It's not me. It's the dress. Here's the accessories I wear with it.

And much as I adore the fit and flare look, I'm opting for a more relaxed version of that these days.

I'll update more on my style journey over the coming weeks.

How are YOU?

Is life treating you well?

What's new and different at your place?



  1. i love the drawers in the pantry. I would love to have my shelves converted to drawers as they are not a set size to buy existing metal drawers. i don't know what runners to use. could you tell me where you got your runners from please. thanks Ann

    1. Hi Ann. A cabinet maker friend did this according to Hubsters specifications. They are a 'soft close' runner, and he would have sourced them commercially. You could ring a few cabinet makers for advice. Otherwise any hardware should be able to sell you soft close runners. Mimi xxx

  2. Hi Mimi, that is just awesome that you are doing some modeling work. I think we are all trying to do organizing in our homes lately and eating healthier. Take care and be well.
    Julie xo

    1. Hi Julie! How lovely to see you. Isn't it funny what life brings? Organizing and eating healthy sounds like excellent advice. Thanks for visiting. Mimi xxx

  3. Modeling!!! You're living the dream, I love it! :)

    Ahhh, organization photos. They make my heart happy. Nothing is organized here at the moment; we were temporarily thrown into homeschooling when my state decided that schools didn't need to take any COVID precautions anymore. We said NOPE, and so it's absolutely delightful chaos here, but I'm happy to be able to do it. :) Cheers! :)

    1. Stephanie, you're an angel in disguise. I take my hat off to anyone who home schools. A blessing and a curse in equal measure I'm thinking? Hang in there. It's all just a new normal, isn't it! Mimi xxx

  4. Thank you for the update Mimi! Looking forward to hearing more! Life looks good 😀.


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