Friday, July 9, 2021

Homespun Things...upcycling a denim jacket...

It all started when I was Pinterest-ing one day, scrolling through trims for Chanel-a-like jackets. I will make one in my lifetime. I've promised myself. This bit of froth and frou-frou caught my eye, and I've dreamt about it ever since.

Finally an opportunity presented itself. Not a Chanel jacket sadly, but a marked down denim jacket in KMart, for just $7. Just the ticket for a bit of upcycling.

I'd purchased the feather trim some time ago, knowing that if I did so, the 'jacket' would find it's way to me. The Universe provides. I know that. You know that. No harm in being ready!

I cropped the jacket to just under the bustline, and likewise, trimmed the sleeves to mid-forearm. That's the best length for me.

Trim was pinned and I thought I was ready to go.

However a quick try-on showed that due to the jacket being shortened, it was sort of tent-like, especially at that under-the-boob level.

I unpinned the trim, inserted a couple of darts, and I was off and running...well, stitching actually.

Two broken sewing machine needles, several broken pins (don't buy those ones at the checkout at Spotlight, they're s**t), and a small amount of bad language later, I was done!

Cute undone as it is above...

Or done up as here below.

I'm feeling rahther Zsa Zsa Gabor.

A bit of fun. Life is short, right?



  1. A few weeks ago I decided to sew again.....not that I don't already sew everyday (tea cozies) but some clothing! I reality that I am no longer the size 10 pattern I was for decades was the first negative but I pressed through and am so glad. I made a toile fitted jacket and then I made one using old vintage embroidery pieces cut up. I am on a roll. YOU HAVE INSPIRED me too with your cute denim jacket! Good for you and yes - size 16 needles for denim and even still some break in those thick places!

  2. Oh wow, that is so not a Kmart piece! Well done. It’s a veritable froth of deliciousness. Fiona


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