Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Thankyou...Christmas...Peace...Joy...and Salad!

 The Christmas Salad.
The Christmas Lights.

The Christmas Festivities.
The Christmas Holiday.
What more is there to say, but thankyou. Thankyou for your support, your encouragement, your beautiful comments, and your continuing inspiration. Without your visits, I would not bother blogging.
You, yes, you. You make what I do here at A Tray of Bliss, mean something.
I hope I've inspired you, lifted you when you were down, given you hope when you had none, and showed you how to have a bountiful life, whether you have a little, or a lot.
While I am away, can I encourage you to go through the many posts here, that will continue to show you how to live beautifully, abundantly, and peacefully, no matter your financial status.
I will return in 2017, with more projects, more recipes, more ways for you to embrace life and live it generously.
Merry Christmas.
Green Bean, Grilled Nectarine, Maple Syrup Walnut and Pomegranate Salad
(pictured at top of post)
Steam one kilo (2 pounds) of topped and tailed green beans. Slice the cheeks from 8 nectarines, and grill in a dry pan. Stir two large handfuls of walnuts with a couple of generous glugs of Maple Syrup in a hot pan, until the walnuts are coated well, and the liquid is evaporated. Remove the seeds from one ripe pomegranate. Assemble the salad as pictured. Dress with a little Maple Syrup shaken with wholegrain mustard if you like.


  1. Have a Marry Christmas with Joy, Hope, Love and Peace.

  2. Looks like a great salad, and the shoes are not bad either.

  3. Merry Christmas Mimi. I hope you and yours have a safe and happy New Year. Looking forward to what you come up with next year.

  4. You do all of these things, lovely Mimi, and more! Wishing you the loviest of Christmases. See you in 2017!

  5. Merry Xmas Mimi, thank you for your inspirational posts, I have had a tough year and they have been a ray of sunshine I look forward to each week. Lisa xo

  6. Merry Christmas, Mrs. Mimi! And a wonderful, blessed New Year to you and your family. <3

  7. Salad looks delicious! Thanks for your time with blogging. We appreciate it. Love, Bridge

  8. Hi Mimi,
    That salad looks amazing...........
    You do inspire us and encourage us.........and we thank you for it....always
    a delight to come here, and also to get to know you......as you are a very
    sweet and encouraging lady. Hope you have a Wonderful Christmas with you and yours............and a great New Year......See ya in 2017.....it is just
    around the corner......hard to believe it!!
    Blessings Galore,

  9. Merry Christmas Mimi to you and yours, may your holiday be extra special and we all look forward to your 2017 ideas, we were picking green beans earlier today and it's perfect timing for your yummy looking salad. while your away I will be rereading your lovely blog as it is important to have something positive and beautiful in your life everyday :) Cheers, Bevo xx

  10. Trust you had a wonderful Christmas! The Very Best wishes for a Happy New Year! So love to have made your acquaintance!


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