Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas confectionery packaging....

I love making confectionery for Christmas gifts.
It gets eaten, everyone loves it, it makes people feel special when you say you made it yourself, and it doesn't clutter anyones' home. It can't be regifted, it doesn't collect dust and there's no such thing as ugly confectionery!
I always think though, that if you're going to gift something you've made yourself, you really have to make an effort with the presentation. So with this in mind, I visited a packaging warehouse yesterday to see what I could find to make gorgeous gift packaging.
Shown here, are a gloss white 'Acessory Bag' with ribbon already attached, a Cake Wedge, and a polka dotted cellophane bag with polka dotted ribbon.
That marshmallow Christmas Tree is simple generic brand Giant Marshmallows threaded on to a red striped paper straw with a red jube 'star' on top. Packaged like this, it will be perfect for The Diva to gift to her 13 year old schoolfriends.
The Cake Wedges are for fudge. I've made the fudge in round cake tins this year and will cut it in to wedges just like a piece of cake to go into these. Some foil ribbon curls and jingle bells atop will look very cute and festive. I'll add a paper lace doily underneath the fudge too.
The Gloss Bags are for tinted sugar and tinted sugar hearts. I'll share how to make these tomorrow, so stay tuned. They're so simple and look unbelievably pretty in these. I'll also use them for my special edible gold leafed chocolate truffles :)
None of these things were expensive and they just make your homemade gifts look extra lush.
Everyone will think you've spent hundreds at a posh deli or sweets boutique.
I bought mine here....


  1. Are those ever cute! You make an excellent point about that being a great gift idea and not cluttering up a person's house and everyone loves a treat!

    1. Confectionery, not Clutter. That's my motto this festive season. Thanks for stopping by


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