Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vintage to...

 This group of pretties were scattered all over my home.
Now they are grouped happily together in shades of ivory, turquoise, pink and sage green.
My wedding bouquet, which I made myself, and which recently turned 16 along with my marriage, is far left, a vintage biscuit tin secured for a mere -50c next to it. Then a wire basket which possibly held bath time treats at one point, prettily adorned with the same grey green leaves as my bouquet and the pink of the ballerinas tutu in the picture behind, holds a vintage blue glass jar and a more modern pear scented candle.
When I compose a vignette, I try to use a theme, whether it be colour, era, or some other commonality of features.
This one is a composition of vintage ideas, but is primarily pleasing to me due to the colours. The ivory echoed in both the silk gerberas and roses in the bouquet and the French Pear scented candle. The turquoise in not just the sides of the biscuit tin, but in the shade of the vintage glass jar. Soft pink and strawberry are mirrored in the ballerinas tutu, and the wire basket, and the soft sage grey-green is evident in the bouquet, the background of the ballet scene, and the leaves on the basket.
A pretty Springtime coloured vintage vignette, on my hallway console.
Here are some ideas I use to compose a vignette:
Items of a similar era eg. Vintage, Victoriana, Art Deco
Items with a recurring theme in colour, shape or type, such as vintage kitchenware, vintage dinnerware, finials, apothecary jars, teacups, teapots, compote bowls, Italian, French, Australiana.
Items evoking a memory such as souvenirs displayed on book stands, or in glass jars or a series of Cloche domes or cake stands.
Items from a childhood, wedding, babys' birth or other important life event.
Here is another which is displayed on my bedroom secretaire.
This one is French themed and yet also revolves around a pleasing combination of colours, and also develops the idea of shapes and balance. Note the echoing of shapes in the finial on the left, and the apothecary jar on the right. The books, two French themed and one a favourite Ernest Hemingway Omnibus, all have red spines. The gold is a recurring theme in the colour of the finial, the spines of the books, the goldleaf on the Limoges bowl, the trim on the Mahogany box and the souvenir items inside the apothecary jar. The silver vase and the clear jar, seem to echo one another in reflecting light as well.
This one took me about two hours one night when I was at a loose end. I just kept changing the elements until I was happy with it. In the end, I am really pleased with the composition of it, both in colour and form, and in the selection of items included. They say something about the inner 'me'.

Finally, this last one is simply a stack of much loved books, with a homemade cloche and vignette within, as display on my coffee table. Again, the colour and reflection of light (neutral and nature, matt and shiny), the theme (French inspired), texture (hard and glittering against soft and feathery), and personality and memories (French themed books, a book composed of family snapshots on a trip to France and an owl ornament to remind us of birdlife seen there), all play a part in making this a pleasing collection.
These vignettes sometimes take a lot of time and fiddling, so be patient when composing your own. Make sure you use those elements of shape and form, colour and reflection of light, texture and substance, and personality or memory.
Finally, the vignette has to please no-one but YOU!
 Are there a few pretties in your home that would yield a similarly pretty vignette?
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