Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Every Day is a Little Life....The Five Star Sleeping Space....


We spend a third of our life in bed, yet hesitate to make that an inviting place. I know people who don't even make their bed, reasoning that they're only going to get back into it that night, so what's the point?
The point is that a good nights rest, can change everything. It can change your outlook, your relationship, your parenting skills, your productivity, and the way you relate to the world. So it's worth making the bedroom, and particularly your bed, an enticing and welcoming space.
My own bed, pictured here, consists of the following:
Firm Foam Mattress
Pillow top Mattress Topper
Silky finish fitted Mattress protector
Crisp white sheets
Antique Lace Bedspread
Faux Blonde Mink blanket (out of shot)
Latex pillows with crisp white pillow cases
French inspired scatter cushion
Note the little mound that runs the length of the bed, just evident where the cushion is displayed. That's where the feathers in our mattress topper have gathered over years of use. No amount of shaking and fluffing will dislodge them and we've grown to like them there. Maybe it's time for a new mattress topper, but then I wouldn't have an excuse to snuggle up to The Musician Husband on 'his side' of the bed now, would I?
Today, due to the chilly weather outlook, I will now change this theme to a smoky blue art deco inspired cover with my favourite paisley vintage eiderdown folded for use on the end of the bed. The white sheets will be traded for chocolate brown ones and the French inspired cushion for a pale blue one, swathed in muslin, that is more in keeping with the colour scheme.

I'm not the type to buy new linen every season. I know what I like, and it's not the 'latest' in bedroom design. I like quiet and serene. I like soft and pastel. I love neutrals. I love vintage and antique. So my changes revolve around my collection of those elements.
Bedside lamps are so important too, not just for reading but for ambience. Mine is a little leopard print handbag shaped one, and The Musician Husband has one shaped like a violin. They don't match, but that doesn't matter either.
Our bedside tables hold a host of things from lip balm and moisturiser, to the current reading material and Bachs Rescue Remedy, to tapestry Heat Wheat bags to warm in the microwave and use in lieu of a hot water bottle.

 On my antique desk, just arms reach away, I have a sapphire blue Moroccan tea glass with gilt trim to hold water, and some treasured books and photos. This is not my 'working' desk, but rather a beautiful piece I restored myself many years ago, that serves as a reminder of how handy I once was. I paid just $120 for it, and it's pretty carved Georgian lines suggest that it may actually be worth a great deal more. I don't care though. I bought it because I loved it and have no intention of selling it for mere monetary gain. Stained a deep rose colour, and inlaid with ruby leather, it's a thing of beauty, far too special to be burdened with anything as mundane as bill paying or list writing. It's complimented by a single French inspired chair to sit upon when and if I do use my Secretaire for anything vaguely useful.
One step further away, is my blanket box or Hope Chest as they were once called. It's the very first thing I ever bought with my own money. It had a hefty price tag of $150 back in 1976, and took me six months to pay off. I only earned $36 a week in my first job as a clerk, so that gives you some perspective on what an investment that was for me. It's Hoop Pine and has a cushioned tapestry top and holds blankets rather than Hopes these days. Atop this for ease of use at night, are my faux blonde mink throw rug which I made myself, a vintage pure wool blanket and a French linen sheet, which we use if we just want a light cover at night.
 And let's not forget my Art Deco dressing table. Dressing tables have largely fallen out of favour as the Ensuite has replaced them as the space where we Ladies choose to primp. But I adore mine. It has the most enormous round mirror atop a deep semi circular space that has a glass shelf seated impossibly across it's breadth. It has funny little drawers, just for jewellery and accessories and it's the first thing I see when I enter my bedroom. It never ceases to give me pleasure. It holds many treasures, including a vintage clothes brush and hand mirror, a perfume decanter, a jewellery box gifted to me by The Musician Husband some years ago, and a Royal Doulton bowl, a wedding present, that holds my collection of bangles. There's also some teeny Arabian inspired bottles and jars, that belonged to my Mum. I love that a dressing table can display so many loved items upon it's surface, and yet still have a practical use.
Clearly my bedroom is not the matchy-matchy ideal that is favoured by many these days. But it all works together in a way I cannot explain, except to say that each piece was coveted and searched long and hard for, restored when necessary with patience and devotion and sings it's tune to my soul, combining to render it's own little symphony....
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