Thursday, February 19, 2015

You don't have to have a six figure income to love beautiful things...

What's not to like....honestly...

Well except for that nasty taupe leotard in the first frame.

And the cropped ballet wrap style thing with the hot pants. Not for me.

The rest. Swoonworthy.

Is Tomas Maier married? I think I love him.
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  1. Mimi I love so many beautiful things! All things sparkly have the ability to get you in trouble for a start. But we dont have to own things to appreciate and enjoy them and many things we cant ever own anyway. Looking at things ie books and pinterest seems to satisfy my soul and little bits around me like a gorgeous tea cup, a stunning evening bag, roses in a vase... they are lovely beautiful things that make me happy. Soaking in some beauty is so inspiring and refreshing, it might be a movie or a sunset or a garden... or music, really we are surrounded by lovely things if we "see" them. Birds are one thing that catch my eye every day and I think how beautiful! No amount of money can buy the beauty in nature. So I do a lot of soaking it all in for free! xxx


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