Sunday, February 9, 2014

Paris for Romance...

 Honestly, I don't ask for much. Why can't I have Paris for Valentines Day?

Maybe my beloved will at least indulge me with some jewels, coloured like the Metro entry near the Hotel du Louvre where we once spoiled ourselves silly for a few nights. Luxury from the in room sauna to the silk teabags and Limoges teacups....le sigh...

or perhaps he'll find some other French froufrou with which to indulge us both...ooh-la-la!

But really...its a lot of trouble to go to when all I really want is Paris...

Honestly. Men.


  1. Mimi, I agree Paris is the solution. I have got Mr Fascinata into a simple routine whereby we go every two years. Xx

  2. Flora, we were doing that a few years ago, but alas, having your own business and a Diva Child kinda tosses cold water on that idea...*sigh*....perhaps 2015 ;0)


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