Monday, March 25, 2013

Crafting Day....

'Each day is a little life'....Schopenhauer
I love my crafts and hobbies.
Why is it then that I feel guilty indulging in them?
I've decided that each day, I will spend a minimum of 30 minutes on my hobbies. Not only will this feed my gentler side, but will also add nicely to my stash of gifts. And how could each day represent a life if there were not some creativity in there somewhere.
These little scented towel sachets are a cinch to make, and cost next to nix.
Simply cut a facecloth in two, fold into this rectangular shape and hand or machine stitch around three sides, fill with lavender, soap flakes, or potpourri, and stitch closed. Add a bow, button or embroidery and you have a sweet way to scent your linen and towels.
The Diva and I keep one under our pillow and several in our clothing drawers too.
These cost mere cents and I saw a very similar idea at a high profile haberdashery store here in Australia, where they were not nearly as pretty, and were selling at $10 for just two!
What's on your Tray of Bliss today?

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