Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dresses CAN work for me...

Dresses CAN work for me...

I don't wear dresses too often these days. Too fussy for me.

I really am strictly a jeans and tailored pants kinda girl.

But a tunic, I can do. The neat look of tunics appeals to me. A different tshirt underneath teamed with different shoes, boots or sandals, makes them infinitely versatile.

Here's todays look.

It's the tail end of Winter here. The Westerly winds have died down, and there's a hint of Spring in the air.

So it's comfy, yet stylish and warmth without weight for me today!

What about you...dresses or trousers?

Loafer shoes

Aspinal of London red handbag
$780 - johnlewis.com

Platinum jewelry

Gold tone watch


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  1. I like dresses. There's no trying to coordinate it with an appropriate pair of pants, so I think they are less fussy.


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